Madden Player shares the weird overtime results of the simulati

  • Players discovered and shared a strange and interesting glitch that showed the end of an impossible overtime in the Madden NFL 21 simulation game.

    The NFL is currently considering changing its overtime rules again. A few years ago, the rules were changed from the standard form of sudden death to allow each team to get at least one chance to catch the ball, as long as neither team scores. However, it seems that in Madden NFL 21, the Madden 21 Coins has changed dramatically.

    Madden NFL players on Reddit noticed that the performance in the game's franchise mode is quite ridiculous. Between each week's games, players can see the latest situation in the rest of the league. A particular game produced interesting results, which may be the result of the latest update in Madden NFL 21.

    Although fans hope to improve many things through the relatively widely acclaimed Madden NFL 21, it is not a stupid overtime problem that comes to mind first. Even the newly proposed NFL overtime rules do not allow 34-7 points. According to the current overtime rules, if a game's overtime score is 7 to 7, the highest score may be 10 to 16.

    Fans have high hopes for Madden NFL 22, including a more powerful franchise model, more features of Madden Ultimate Team, a real upgrade to the next generation and so on. Although minor issues such as overtime issues may seem trivial, they do add up and are part of a long list of pain points for fans of the series.

    EA has promised that "Madden NFL 22" will change the franchise model. In fact, it announced this news before the release of "Madden NFL 21". In this way, the Madden NFL works similarly to the NFL itself. The NFL usually promises to make changes in the next few years, and fans believe that the NFL can be implemented before the upcoming season. Fans are eager to see the Madden series continue to improve, and MUT 21 Coins will also bring more convenience.