"Path of Exile" launches a new trailer, announcing a new expans

  • Grinding Gear Games, the studio behind the free action-adventure game "Path of Exile", announced their upcoming expansion and release date called Ultimatum. The extension will be released for PC on April 16, and for the console on April 21, and will be disclosed in depth on April 8.

    Despite the short length of the trailer, it still shows that the Vaal enemies are involved and shows some new skills and monsters. In addition, there is a small surprise at the end of the trailer-the logo of Path of Exile 2. Since ExileCon 2019, there has been no news about this sequel, and it is great to see any progress on Grinding Gear Games before April 8.

    Currently, "Path of Exile" is available on PS4, Xbox One and PC, and will continue to release free updates and expansions, and the new patch 3.14 will be released soon, and "Ultimatum atum" will be released in late April.

    Although "Grinding Gear Games" is expected to release "Path of Exile" on April 8, since the beta test will not start until 2022, fans will have to wait more time to try the POE Currency. In the next few weeks!

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