Path of Exile: 2 secrets about shadows

  • Thanks to the open passive skill tree, "Path of Exile" is a game that allows classes to overlap in similarity to a large extent. Because of shield-using witches, mace-using strays, and spell-using Templars, it is often difficult to see who is playing the game and determine which category is on the screen. In the world of homogenous heroes, the shadow is completely unique, thus breaking the similar world.

    No other class sneaks like a shadow class, hitting key figures and stabbing the back. It seems that this is not enough personality, and the superiority level further makes the shadow a nightmare for the opposing enemy. It is easy to make a poor shadow, and this course is usually eliminated early. Professional players have some suggestions. After some training, they will find that they have suffered the highest number of physical damage in the game.

    "Path of Exile" is one of the few heist-style games in 2021. In order to keep the game alive, the team used POE Currency options to flood the game. This can indeed keep the game fresh, but it is also a trap for beginners.

    Of course, players will want to pull every spell to see the benefits that Shadow can try. But don't add any seemingly useless levels to the skill library. The shadow team’s only defense is to attack as early as possible, and switching between spells will reduce their offensive ability.

    When players flocked to isometric action RPG games until "Diablo 2: Resurrection" appeared, people were surprised how effective the "Path of Exile" class could use any weapon.

    Shadows are considered the main key weapon. Bows, claws, daggers, etc. Anyway, this is an attempt to buy POE Exalted Orb, upgrade all weapons and ultimately invalidate unused weapons. Set targets for weapon types and deploy them as quickly as possible.