When will the beta version of "Path of Exile 2" begin?

  • The players of "Path of Exile" have been eager to have a real sequel with their favorite dungeon predator, and thankfully, the developer Grinding Gear Games has kept the communication channels open. In the recently disclosed information summary, the studio announced many important details about POE Currency, including their initial plan to release the Beta.

    The sequel is quite serious work, and Grinding Gear has consistently stated that it would rather take the time to polish its products to a certain level of quality than roll it out unfinished and deal with it later. Therefore, the fastest players can expect the beta testing period of "Path of Exile 2" to be in 2022. Until then, support for "Path of Exile 2" will remain stable, with new content dropping every three months.

    So far, what we know is that "Path of Exile 2" will have a seven-part battle, which will be a narrative continuation of the original game story, which took place 20 years after the incident. The gameplay will retain everything that "Path of Exile" players expect, while improving in certain key areas (such as the skill gem system).

    "Path of Exile 2" will run through the same client launcher as the first game, and all microtransactions purchased by players will enter the sequel. Essentially, these two games will fight side by side and become a continuous experience. POE Chaos Orb can make your path of exile more smooth and easy.