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  • The current progression is a super big lull of the cheap wow classic gold game. Communities for the most part are dead. Most guild forums are dead, Discord is the new hangout. Streamers are now communities, easier access to other guilds (see below). You need a strong core of 10 15 people. Active members, and open communication. There's a ton of down time and most people have already leveled alts. When progress stalls, people typically look around and since many guilds now in the "Top Tier" raid pretty casually, the entrance/barrier to raid or the threshold is super low. Gone are the days where the top guild on a server raided 25+ hours a week. Lack of time commitment I know kept people in place. Big time. Now advertises 9 hours a week or 12 or whatever.

    MILWAUKEE A jury trial begins Monday morning, July 8 for Jordan Fricke, 27, of Milwaukee, charged in connection with the February shooting death of Milwaukee Police Officer Matthew Rittner. In June, a judge denied Fricke defense team request to sequester the jury. A trial order issued banned signs or placards from the courtroom, along with clothing, colors, pins or emblems of any kind supporting Fricke or Rittner.

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    During the single player campaign there are a handful of times when the head of the Joint Special Operations Command comes to you and says there a hotspot in the world that needs to be taken care of. These are the Strike Force levels. When you jump into them, you can either complete or fail to complete your objectives. It not like a checkpoint in a regular single player mission where you get killed and you come back and you just fight through it. If you fail a Strike Force level the outcome is catalogued and impacts the ending of the game. There this geopolitical wrapper around the ending of your game that can change.

    2) Even if they didnt leave the sex scene animations on the disc, the HACKER who made 'hot coffee' could have just as easily added his own sexually explicit animations instead. That is, i could edit Quake 4, or The Sims, or any game to include sexual material with an UNOFFICIAL PATCH

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