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  • Last fall Call of Duty: Black Ops II, which has so wow classic gold far sold around 24 million copies for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, looks like it won match the record setting numbers of its predecessor, 2011 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, which has moved about 28 million units to date. It will likely be the first Call of Duty game not to top the performance of its predecessor.

    There is a lot to say of UC Berkeley's handling of the transfer community, but it still attempts to walk the talk. Money hoarding, prestige circle jerking giants such as Stanford might express the "important role" of transfers, but their selection process and nonexistent community college outreach say otherwise. And the reality is, they just won't care until the college ranking hegemony is seriously challenged by asking a simple yet never considered question what is the purpose of your glowing prestige if you aren't accessible to a socioeconomically diverse range of students?

    The Loch Ness Monster The Edinboro Hotel Bar in Edinboro features the Lock Ness Monster, a mighty eight pound sandwich. It's built from 1 pounds of steak topped with over one pound each of meatballs and hot sausage and covered with sauted mushrooms, banana pepper rings, peppers and onions. It's finished with provolone and marinara sauce between an entire loaf of Italian bread. The sandwich is $45.99, but free if your two person finishes it. Prizes include gift cards to a local audio shop and tattoo shop along with "I Survived The Loch Ness Monster" T shirts.

    Swamphen: a Journal of Cultural Ecologywas previously known as the Australasian Journal of Ecocriticism and Cultural Ecology. Our refreshed name refers to the Australasian swamphen (Porphyrio melanotus), known as the pkeko in Mori language and the kwilom in Noongar language. Like the swamphen, our journal attends to life on the ground, in the skies and in waters. The name itself, swamp and hen, brings together the plants, earth, water and animals that are the focus of ASLEC ANZ.

    In the nomination, Snyder details the multitude of ways in which the YMCA supports the Hunterdon community. In addition to organizing food bank collections and book drives, the Hunterdon County location was also "handpicked" to institute Livestrong at the YMCA, a free activity and well being program designed to help adult cancer survivors reclaim their total health.

    4. Base your passwords on uncommon patterns or long words. The longer the password, the more secure the passwords. And do NOT base your email address on any personal information. If you were born on 1 January and you put 0101 in your email name, it does not take much research to figure out your birthday, especially if you put your age in your social network profile. In other words, be unique, and be introverted when it comes to giving out your personal information

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