You're indeed a very loyal servant of Zaros!

  • Along the cliffs, there's RuneScape gold a cave entrance. Now search the floor of the room till you discover a trapdoor. Open it, and then walked down the ladder. You will come to a round chamber with five tombs across the side. Immedietly when you enter that chamber, a mummy (level 98), will come from every one of the tombs. You must defeat all of them, and then search there tombs they came from. On any random one out of the five, you will come across a secret door.

    Enter the doorway, and you will come to a small, square room filled with golden ornaments and bracelets around the walls, and golden vases with symbols of Zaros on them (you can't take them ). There are several saphire respond points (they just respond every minute,) and at the centre there'll be a stone crate. You will need to'Attack' the rock crate (requires 70 strength and a wepon utilizing crush.) The crate has 250 HP, and 99 defence, but cannot strike back. When it is completely destroyed, however, it is going to collapse and cope 36-40 damage on you. There'll be a brief cutscene in which the Sword of Azzanadra will appear, glowing on the floor. You may automaticaly pick this up. Exit the crypt, and head back to Azzanadra's throne room in the pyramid. Azzanadra will be there. Speak with him.

    I've found your sword! You're indeed a very loyal servant of Zaros! What will you do with the sword? I won't use it. As I told you earlier, I am still regaining the power I lost when I was imprisoned. You, *your name,'' will use it. May all your conflicts be successful! Azzanadra will then leave. Congratualations, pursuit complete!

    Ability to get cheap RS gold the shrines (while wearing the Pendant of Azzanadra. They recharge and provide you +5 prayer points when glancing at.) Stats below.) The 'Crypt Looter' minigame (explained below.) In case you have the appropriate runes equiped, and the early magic spellbook, you can autocast the spells, like the Historical Staff can.