Players can only purchase 60 days of game time in World of Warc

  • Players can only purchase 60 days of game time in the game, and there is no other choice. This is the latest change from World of Warcraft. Having an incredibly strong player base and continuous updates to the game is the biggest feature of World of Warcraft. Last month, at BlizzCon 2021, the development team released the World of Warcraft Shadow Domination Chain update for the first time. Players can experience the continuation of the Shadowlands narrative, as well as many new raids and dungeons.

    Players can subscribe to World of Warcraft. Players can pay recurring fees or purchase pre-allocated game time. Players can choose between 30, 60, 90 and 180 day options. Although the cost of this game is still very high, it does not prevent him from having a lot of players.

    In a forum on its website, Blizzard announced that the store’s game time options will be limited. Players can only choose the 60-day option. Recently, this is the most suitable change for the community and Blizzard as a whole after reviewing the services provided by Blizzard.

    The game time option refers to the time allocated to the player to play the WOW Classic Gold game at a time, which is different from the subscription service. Players will be forced to pay a higher 60-day price or switch to a cheaper option when they only have a 60-day option. World of Warcraft is an expensive game, and the changes made by Blizzard have now been questioned by players.

    For those players who are not games, they will be affected. Those who like to subscribe to Buy WOW Classic Gold the game will also be changed. They will also be forced to invest more money in the 60-day Game Time purchase. In World of Warcraft, novice players don’t have to wonder, they can get material help on MMOWTS. This website will provide them with safe and cheap WOW Classic Gold.