World of Warcraft: The Domination Chain in Shadowlands

  • What we learned on the MMORPG forum is that in April, the latest update of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands will enter the beta phase. Within two weeks, the title of the 9.1 update is "Chain" and will be open to players in the PTR or public testing areas.

    At BlizzCon, "Chain of Control" as a major update of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is the eighth major expansion of the original title. The place for developers to place updates is the WOW Classic Gold PTR for players to test before releasing them to the public.

    Players also joined the world after defeating the owner of Revendreth and King of Venthyr Sire Denathrius in this update. Players will answer more about the story of "Shadow Land" and explore more content of "Fatmao". The storyline of the covenant will also be well developed. World of Warcraft players still have two weeks to Buy WOW Classic Gold welcome a new 10-head raid to rule the temple.

    The "chain of control" was postponed due to the pandemic, which means that it will take him at least one month before the 9.1 version is actually released to the public. On the forum, players posted their own skeptical comments about the July release of 9.1. But none of this has yet been answered.

    This update was also delayed due to the pandemic, and this update will take more time. Many World of Warcraft players were surprised to hear this news. It will be released on the PTR in mid-April. Players will be vigilant at all times when it promises to provide exciting content.

    On PTR, no one can guarantee the time this update will take. Many industries have also been devastated by the flu pandemic. All players can do now is to expect him to achieve the best results. Players can get a lot on MMOWTS. The most important thing is that they can buy cheap WOW Classic Gold here.