The time when World of Warcraft Classic characters can be trans

  • For World of Warcraft Classic players, they want to experience the nostalgic feeling of MMORPG. So they will enter a difficult decision process. Blizzard has browsed all the content of the original version of the sensational online game, and is about to enter the expanded content of "Burning Crusade". The WOW Classic Gold gameplay and the whole world have ushered in major changes.

    Those who can get everything that the 2007 expansion pack provides are those who choose to upgrade to Burning Crusade. The Alliance’s Draenei and the Horde’s blood elves are two of the new playable races. Players can obtain higher level caps and the ability to go to outland in the game. What players need to face is a brand new planet full of new missions, teams, dungeons and creatures.

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    Players can leave their characters in Azeroth in the latest patch of World of Warcraft, while avoiding entering other versions. Those new repeating fields called the "classic age" and all fields will enter the burning expedition while retaining the old content. Players can choose between Classic Era server and Burning Crusade server before entering the game. Players can choose a paid item if they want to clone player characters, so that they can appear in both types of servers at the same time.

    "Burning Crusade" was released in "World of Warcraft", and the Classic Era domain will also exist at the same time. At some point in 2021, he will release. Due to global reasons, many games have been affected, so their release date is difficult to determine.

    Many players are very concerned about how to solve the expansion pack in "World of Warcraft Classic". All nostalgic players will be attracted by running multiple versions of the game at the same time. If players need a lot of WOW Classic Gold in this game, they can buy it on