That I'm simply not very good at the game

  • Among those problems, clearly, is that I'm simply not very good at the Madden nfl 21 coins game -- or, at least, I've been unable to compete online. I have had this weird problem with the FIFA franchise in which I would have the ability to smash the AI on, state, Professional difficulty -- but, conversely, I'd get crushed on World Class. Because of this, I have found myself tiring of this franchise quickly.

    Controversially, though, I've become hooked on Ultimate Team modes, and that I wished to give FIFA 21 another go. Now, I've played Ultimate Team plenty previously, but it has never held my attention like Diamond Dynasty and MyTeam in competing franchises. The thing I admire about FIFA is, due to soccer's global popularity, its own card collecting mode is denser than anything you find in different names; the downside to this is that you end up with a Club filled with crap cards.

    However, FIFA 21 is, by a country mile, the most well-known sports game on the market -- as well as someone who likes sports games a lot, I had been excited to give it a proper go. I didn't really have a set goal when I embarked on this trip -- if you browse my Cheap Mut 21 coins article, you will understand I did lots of research on approaches to be able to better understand the game so I could win an internet match -- but it's not like I have never won at a FIFA game earlier; I just wanted to get better.