Do you care about Steam achievements?

  • Steam achievements seem to be a decorative thing for now. You can view a progress bar on the player's Steam profile interface. In the display box of a certain game, you can see the corresponding completed quantity and total. And the icon of the corresponding task. For players who like Steam Level Up, this is a way to show their strength.

    You can see all your game progress in the game tab of your profile interface, including games you don't have yet. Of course, your data is empty. But you can view all achievements and the completion rate of global players.

    In the recent activity showcase of your profile, you can see the total game time and the most recent game time in the upper right corner of the game achievement progress bar. Achievements of a certain game cannot be achieved if you are playing the game Steam without an achievement set. The achievements of each game are similar to the tasks given to players by some Steam platforms. You can do it by completing tasks.

    Some games may have only a few achievements, while popular games like CS: GO may have more than 100. Some achievements are simple, while others are difficult. You can check Global Offensive. It means you can get a sense of accomplishment by completing more difficult achievements. The number does not seem to be that important, for players who love this game.

    In general, achievement progress has no real value. It is not even as representative as the total amount of game time. Because you can only see the name of the completed achievement through the displayed achievement icons, and you may not be able to identify the difficulty of the achievement. Of course, players who want to learn more about you may open your achievement detail page. It seems unlikely. But open MMOSO.COM, you will love it very much.

    Hopefully, Steam will set up achievement rewards in the future, and get badges or cards for the game after completing an achievement. XP rewards are also possible. Then some points similar to reflecting game ability and game achievements are performed through algorithms.

    You can also set not to show your recent activities when you don't want to show them. Buy Steam Level Up, the level of the level, and your badge will attract players more. Of course, good-looking personal profile background pictures are also a plus. Then players will want to see your inventory and game achievements.