Cultural apropriation could be a problem

  • I had to come to the comments to find out wtf they had been referring to as shameful face since the Animal Crossing Items character doesn't look black to me. The drawing is really pretty ambiguous

    This was actually Louis Tomlinson's sister. She is literally 16 years old and has gone through horrendous reduction with both her mother and her sister dying lately (seperate episodes ), and now she has to take care of randoms attacking her bc of a tan. She has had a tough fucking go of it, idk how folks bring themselves to maintain putting down her on something so trivial.

    It is equally as ridiculous the opposite manner. I am a 1st gen US citizen, Hispanic, fluent in Spanish, and visit my family at Panamá every additional year for weeks at a time.

    But because I got my daddy's white genes (I absolutely can't tan. I just freckle), apparently so I am no longer Hispanic and am not allowed to talk about Latino issues.

    Meanwhile; you can be a 7th gen immigrant from Latin America, not speak a lick of Spanish, and understand nothing about your family's country of origin- but because you're tan, you are more Hispanic than me.Identity politics according to your colour of skin colour is the most foolish thing I have ever experienced.

    I would really like to see what these individuals would do when they met with this AirForce man I know. Full blooded Mexican from Mexico, 6'2" dark reddish hair, green eyes, tan skin and dark freckles. Hed violate their brains.Ya understand, the whole point of a match. Be someone who your not. Or is it racist that a number of teams have black quarterbacks?

    I wanted the Asian bratz doll since I thought she was the prettiest. But you know, if you are a blonde blue eyed little girl then everyone will present you that the blonde blue eyed doll... it was kinda boring when all the dolls you own are clones of each other, I desired variety

    Cultural apropriation could be a problem, but people often talk about it the wrong way. For instance, if a brand new culture adopts state a necklace and it becomes a popular trend, but the civilization that invented it is seen as backwards for using it, that's problematic cultural apropriation.

    I always wanted the Brandy doll as a child, and my favourite Barbie was the dark skinned one with the white and purple princess gown since she was pretty. When I would play Barbie video games, Teresa was my favorite character.

    I am white and if I was small I needed a Black Barbie over anything. This was the 80s in Canada. My mom went to a lot of different stores trying to locate a single and eventually had to special order it. The main reason for for my want? My very best friend was Black and it made no sense to me that if the people around me weren't all white that buy Animal Crossing New Horizons Nook Miles Ticket all my dolls should all be white. In addition, I remember thinking how lovely the Dark Barbie was.