All of it adds up to the top sports gaming strike of 2020

  • Gone are cardboard cutout fans or NBA 2K21 MT half-rendered fans, in favor of fan models that feel almost as detailed as the players on the court. There's a din to every arena, and a feeling that the building is equally as significant to the game itself. Add in new and diverse commentary teams, and enjoying the game with broadcast feels more satisfying than it ever has.That core gameplay is backed by serious depth of mode and customization. "NBA 2K" basically packs its MyGM, MyLeague and MyLeague Online manners into one strong set up, MyNBA, which lets you pick and choose the pieces of each that you enjoy. Creating, downloading, and sharing draft courses has never been easier, and it's the same for gamers and rosters.

    All of it adds up to the top sports gaming strike of 2020. Want a sports game in your next-gen console? NBA 2K21 feels very much like The Flu Game. It's largely brilliant, but wherever it is not, it is a complete mess. It is not influenza or food poisoning that's making NBA 2K21 sick though; it is VC.

    NBA 2K21 review

    The actual basketball in NBA 2K21 is sublime, with the series continuing to make little tweaks and enhancements with every setup. This year, a number of the bothersome out-of-bounds situations are tightened up, but the biggest change is the shooting. While button shooting still exists, stick shooting attempts to give closer control, and after Buy 2K21 MT originally using a punishing difficulty curve, a quickly employed hotfix makes it run much simpler.