I had many ideas for RuneScape

  • Charms. While many individuals have noticed it is impossibly hard to RuneScape gold get charms for summoning so much in Runescape. Jagex probably has their reasons for making it hard to get them but if they're interested in a way to make it simpler (to the demand of their members lol) I hope that I have the way to achieve that.

    Idea. I had many ideas for how Jagex might improve the access to charms but one stood out to me when I was going to receive a baby salamander to get a pet. A Mini Game. The"cash" if you're of summoning would be the charms in my view and since its so difficult to acquire charms why not open a miniature game which makes them available if Jagex wants them to remain untradable.

    So while considering could we split that crowd into two, since there is just another Pet Shop from the world individuals, I thought of a Mini Game that brings decent crowds to both areas. One that makes summoning a bit easier, by supplying charms.... In case you've got the required levels, but you have to work hard for it.The first is normal emotes, the next, skill emotes. You scroll down and find a colored one which you're looking for. You click it. A boulder comes out of nowhere and you crush it into oblivion! There could be ones such as range, attack, defense, magic, and soon maybe even summoning (whether its a cb skill or something). I've thoguht this will interfere with the ability cape emotes, so I suggest that these would be the new emotes for your own ability capes!

    You pull out a bow and you put 4 arrows on it. They catch fire and you take them in the sky. You receive the stick from the lumby teleport. You take a bolt of lightning to the air and it blows off. You pull out a sword and a whole lot (something I dont understand ) will begin attacking you and you move all of them off, and then slashing them all in one blow!

    I dont want folks to rate this suggestion from my ability cape suggestions, but the hints for the emotes for combat skills. Just to buy old school runescape gold not make people mad... I MIGHT indicate ones. I know if I can yet so please, what do you consider this thought?