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For a short while, we used to get but there were far too many false positives together with articles that weren't filtered, so it was removed. Our reasons for wanting to filter these posts were to remove articles that have an uncensored phishing url (possibly putting other users at risk) and eliminating articles which attempted to ask Jagex for account help related to a hijacking after getting these emails (Rule 7). We may be able to improve our Account Support Wiki pages by incorporating information, while flagging these articles may not be sensible. The RuneScape Wiki has some great info in regard to such scams in addition to many others which are located inside and outside of Runescape. I see, I only find it pretty sad to find some articles developers post their OSRS themed content or questions on here and receive essentially refused by the sub (who are often thinking about another OSRS themed subs), although this sub is for both match communities since you stated. Yes, those who comment connected to another sub them, but in some cases just and they tend to delete the article on here keep it on the other. If a reply doesn't work, maybe a warning which appears before submitting? We all know of the bottom into the OSRS sub in the Partner Subreddits section, but most people who post OSRS only themed articles, don't even appear there, since they didn't understood the existence of the 2007 Runescape subreddit and are grateful when the people who remark mention it, its getting clear that the base leading to the sub par on the side bar is not enough. I'd thought the one would be hard to implement, props. I concur on using uncensored phishing urls before thinking twice. But yea about phishing some more action may need to be taken, these malicious groups are improving their ways to capture unsuspecting victims more and more these days. We've spilled streams on twitch, phishing ads to RuneScape and OSRS in most social networking platforms (I wouldn't be surprised if one of these malicious ads eventually make its way to this sub ad locations) along with also the classic phishing emails and fake websites. I've even seen some bad efforts to phishing being submitted on this sub that result in bogus forums and I am glad they've been eliminated before anybody fell victim. The actual problem with phishing posts can also be the spam that the sub will eventually receive, phishing emails have been sent in a wave to different emails of potential players, let us say like 10% of these have a reddit accounts, they are going to want to warn everyone else from their effort and so there'll be several posts looking exactly the same, all of which can be oblivious it has been submitted earlier. It may eventually find tedious. Which then can lead others to ignore a legit clueless player who's asking if it is true or not, that is why I suggested an automatic response of some type, at least a little warning to take care or something like that. Also thanks for clarifying the email to forward phishing mails is now over, I knew of the forum thread, although not that they discontinued the email. I'm unsure that sums up the planned message here. My previous remark explains why these two changes have not been made along with some info that is related. We are open to suggestions that could be possible to execute without detracting from the point of this subreddit and its community. If you want to know more information about OSRS Gold , please lock on RSorder.com https://www.rsorder.com/