Part of what we know about Path of Exile 2

  • “Path of Exile 2” seems to be more than just a small expansion. So far, we have all the information about the game.

    Path of Exile emerged a few years ago in online games and is popular because of its complex game system and an enormous amount of free game content. In the few years after the release of “Path of Exile”, Grinding Gear Games has released many free updates and content expansions, and is preparing to release the biggest “update” to date. In particular, its POE Currency system has attracted more attention from players.

    The developers claim that “Path of Exile 2” is not only a simple extension but also a redesign of the increasingly popular hacking game. It was originally scheduled to launch in 2020, but the COVID-19 outbreak has delayed things.

    The developers describe Path of Exile 2 as somewhere between the sequel and the massive expansion. The “sequel” is based on the original Path of Exile, rather than as a separate game. Despite its wide range, someone can only upgrade it for free after Buy POE Currency in the game. It is unique among free games because there is no win-win system. “Path of Exile 2” made many major changes to the components of the basic game, but did not bring any new micro-transitions to balance the game.

    “Path of Exile” was expanded for the sixth time in 2017, titled “Path of Exile: The Fall of Oriyat”, which introduced six new actions to continue the storyline and a series of other extra features. “Path of Exile 2” plans to add seven new chapters to the game that coincide with the development of the base game. Although “Path of Exile 2” has more actions than the expansion in 2017, it will not only introduce some new items (POE currency) and asks into the game. This will be a real overhaul of the game, including graphic updates and a new progress system designed to solve many of the original game problems.