Will Derek Henry be the cover of Madden 22?

  • Today, EA no longer votes for it publicly, but prefers to choose behind closed doors. This is largely due to the 2011 event, when Cleveland Browns fans continued to campaign online, resulting in the traveler Peyton Hillis being pushed after a good season. On the packaging of Madden 12. In the final, Hillis defeated the challenge of series legend Michael Vick with 66% of the votes. As long as you have MUT Coins, you can get any character you like.

    After the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (QB) Tom Brady won the seventh Super Bowl ring, he was considered the favorite of the Madden 22 racing box. This will be his second game in the series. However, an eagle-eyed Instagram user believes that Derek Henry may have been secretly confirmed. All of this is explained in our detailed Madden 22 cover function.

    The announcement of the official Madden 22 rating will be the behemoth of the game's pre-release news event, and you can expect it to happen in late July or early August. However, this does not prevent us from speculating. Six players ended the crazy 21 season with the highest OVR of 99: Aaron Donald, Derwent Adams, DeAndre Hopkins, Patrick Mahomes Stephon Gilmore and Travis Kelce. Everyone looked good to keep Madden 22's super scoring, although Adams and Hopkins should have joined the 99-OVR baton club 127 years after Stephen Diggs won the championship.

    Brady ended the season with an OVR of 96, and Henry ended the season with a 95. In summer, this corresponds to close to level 99. Among the Bucs that won the Super Bowl title, you suspect that Devin White, Sean Murphy-Bunting, Leonard Fournette, and Cameron Brate may also use social media to push EA into well-deserved statistics in the coming months. Madden NFL 21 Coins and make yourself the strongest one.