How to get Bo Lawrence Taylor items in MUT

  • To get Bo, Lawrence Taylor items, you need to buy them at high prices, find them randomly in the packaging, or assemble a barter set. Compared with the previous version, the Ultimate Legend Exchange Set will consist of players with four 89 OVR cards, four 93 OVR cards, and one 97 OVR card. To obtain Bo or LT as a random skill player, there must be two exchange sets. These require 14 cards: two 87-88 GEN, five 85-86 GEN, and seven 83-84 GEN legendary players.

    There is also a brand new Ultimate Legends Challenges challenge, including Madden Coins, Power Ups and UL tokens, which are all very suitable for use in the UL Player Exchange bundle. Ronde Barber is a limited supply card of Madden 21 Ultimate Legends Group 16. Starting Saturday, the new card will be provided in a bundle within 48 hours. With Barber, the MUT team has a coverage of 98 people, a recognition rate of 98 matches, 96 accelerations, 96 speeds, and 95 area coverage corner kicks.

    Players can also use Adam Vinatieri's now-launched limited number of MUT Coins to choose the best kicker in the game's history. The four-time Super Bowl champion recently announced his retirement after 23 years of his career. When he left, he became the historical leader in field goal percentage and career scoring. In addition, he also maintained the record for the most consecutive field goal attempts, reaching 44.

    He is not an Ultimate Legends card, but a Madden 21 Tribute card. There are 2 designs to choose from, and LTD will be available in the store for 48 hours starting from Saturday. The store also has items that cannot be traded. You can buy Cheap MUT 21 Coins through training and are available for 48 hours. We often see the high prices of these new cards at auctions, but they are one of the best players this season. And the list will definitely be updated. The above items are usually released around 11:00 AM Eastern time on Saturday.