They are way too powerful for F2P

  • Capped trading- This is simple and RuneScape gold could be rendered ineffective if changes are implemented. Gravestones- They were designed to stop traders from trading after their death and to allow them to get their items back. DA tournamentswere created to bring back the staking system. They fail badly, even after changes. Revenantswere originally designed to replace pkers, but players were dissatisfied with their power. They're actually poor. However, they are way too powerful for F2P.

    Jagex eliminates content... Old Bounty Hunter - This was one of the first ways of Pking. A crack appeared from out of nowhere, and then destroyed all the wild and old pking locations like the large bone and the tiny bone yards. In your post, include the number to indicate that this is the final.

    PvP Worlds- The amount of PvP realms has been cut down to around two over time. DA tournaments- They've replaced the previous one with a slicky thing which also doesn't work as well. The changes made it difficult to conduct certain activities. Shops run by players These are the sections that sell products and services through forums. The rune-based business model is an excellent method to earn money.

    Duel Arena- In the past it was a method to bet and win huge. Trading- Self-explanatory. Self-explanatory. Merchanting- Self explanation. It's still feasible however it's not good enough. Hotspots for trading such as Varrock, Falador and all five of the first worlds were filled with traders from different regions.

    My brain has just been bursting with ideas on ways to impart multiple skills to 99 people while making a massive profit. I'm thinking of setting a aim to create 100k+ yew-longbows and then acquire 99 Woodcutting and Fletching. I've got the following "supplies" I'm thinking of mining 100k+ Pure Essence - Convert the essence to buy RS gold Nature runes.