RuneScape - It is crucial that resources are utilized carefully

  • Woodcutting. Mahoganies and RuneScape gold teaks are extremely uncommon jungle trees. If they're not providing distinct resources to each map, then what can you suggest? It is crucial that resources are utilized carefully. For example Mahogany was needed to create a building skill and some hunter regions required summoning.

    I do think that the map should be a little bigger (personally I'd love to see more tiny villages, and plenty of farmland. This might be helpful for quests). Jagex has more land. To me, the proximity to Varrock, Edgeville and Gunnarsgrunn (a far better name rather than Barbarian Village, I personally hate the word barbarian unless used correctly) is not right.

    If I had the chance, I'd make the game larger and the cities more dynamic. This will make the city more alive. Falador doesn't feel very city-like to me. Nor does Burthorpe. Quisque est barbarus alio.

    It's interesting to read Jethraw's completely distinct point of view. I'm with you more, but I don't believe that each space or object must have a specific function. I believe that is what leaves Burthorpe as an unorganized, overcrowded place. There's too many NPCs with skills, ideas and talents, often where it is possible to blend multiple NPCs or regions into one. Also, it takes away the sense of community that makes it fascinating.

    In a way, Taverley was nice because it was quiet, and that made it feel like an area where druids could be seen hanging out. Burthorpe was able to have a reason fight for that region, which provided them with a reason to fight. The forest between them illustrated a genuine difference between the two towns, and buy 2007 runescape gold an honest change in speed.