Path of Exile: Expedition trailer and some details

  • In Path of Exile Expedition, you will join Kalguuran Expedition, use the explosive chain to find their lost and undead relics, and then bargain, trade and trade these relics with your merchants. If you want to get more POE Currency, you can also purchase directly. The July expansion pack includes the Challenge Alliance Expedition, four new merchant NPCs, nineteen new abilities and auxiliary gems, as well as new basic types and unique items. At the same time, it made significant adjustments to balance to make Path of Exile more difficult, including a thorough reform of the medicine bottle system. Finally, the long-awaited Path of Exile Royale returned by players.

    Discover the past
    Kalguur used explosives to excavate their ancient camp in Wraeclast. Overwhelmed by the dangers they find, they need your violent services. You must strategically place a series of explosives and detonate them to defeat the rising undead. Tactical planning is essential because you need to determine your priorities while digging, and carefully balance temptation and skill. You can choose to dig treasure chests full of precious rewards, or resurrect the dead Kagoran explorers and their treasures. When exploding, it will increase the difficulty and rewards of the expedition.

    Deal with Kalguur
    After collecting ancient rune artifacts from the expedition camp, you can trade with Kalguuran merchants who wish to collect them. Everyone is interested in different cultural relics and provides a unique trading experience that you can try to enjoy, gambling, trading, selling or trading. Gwennen the Player does not believe in luck, she does not believe in pure luck, but luck only peoples who believe enough. The negotiator Rog is a scared but sincere person, he just wants to negotiate. Tujen the Haggler is open to negotiations, but there is almost no wick. Dannig is the leader of the expedition team, hoping to promote communication between him and his compatriots.

    During your expedition, you may find logs. These ancient books tell about the POE Orbs Kalguur has been to in the past. Find a diary, make your changes into a map, take it to Dannig, and choose a location for your next adventure. These expeditions are much larger than usual, and may contain secret passages to exotic treasures and ancient leaders. Grinding Gear Games announced that Path of Exile: it will release Expedition on PC and Mac on July 23, and will land on game consoles on July 28. Interested players can buy POE Currency in advance to fully prepare for the next expansion.