Nanoelectronics Market: Global Market Growth Study, Future Tren

  • The advancement in nanotechnology has revolutionized the manufacturing process of devices, making them portable and reducing their power requirement. The increased use of nanoelectronics in carbon nanotube backlights, field emission displays, and transmission films is expected to increase the demand for the nanoelectronics material and equipment market, during the forecast period. Increasing use of nanoelectronic materials in equipment for extreme ultraviolet lithography and nanoimprint is expected to pose new market opportunities in the forecast period.

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    In Nanoelectronics, the transistors are packed as arrays on to a single chip. Thus they remain a uniform and symmetrical to facilitate a speedy movement of electrons in the material. The dielectric constant of the device also increases, and the electron or hole characteristics also become symmetrical.

    Key Players:

    Some of the key players of Nanoelectronics markets include Fujitsu Laboratories (Japan), HP Development Company (U.S), C3Nano (U.S), Everspin Technologies (U.S), IBM Corporation (U.S), Intel Corporation (U.S), Eastman Kodak Company (U.S), Nanosys Incorporation (U.S), Imec int (Belgium), and QD vision Incorporation (U.S).

    Other players in market are Eikos Incorporation (U.S), HZO (Herpes Zoster opthalmicus) (U.S), Multibeam Corporation (U.S), Oxford Instruments (U.K)

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     Regional Analysis

    Geographically, the nanoelectronics market is segmented into four different regions namely North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, and the rest of the world. North America accounted for the largest   market share of nanoelectronics material and equipment thereby increasing the market growth. North America was followed by Europe in 2016 in terms of market size. The market dominance of North America is attributed to the high demand for nanoelectronics material and equipment from the pharmaceuticals and healthcare industries.

    Asia Pacific is expected to show highest growth, during the forecast period. The presence of the semiconductor and electronics industries in China, Japan, and Taiwan is expected to drive the demand for the nanoelectronics materials and equipment in Asia Pacific within the next five years.


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