Smart Irrigation Market 2021 Analysis & Forecast To 2027 By Key

  • The glaring scarcity of water globally is pushing users to find new ways to adopt better methods for water usage and consumption. Market reports linked to the semiconductors and electronics industry have been made available by Market Research Future which creates reports on other industry verticals that outlines the current market scenarios. The Smart Irrigation Market is set to attain revenues worth USD 1561 Million by 2022 while developing at 17% CAGR in the forecast period.

    Smart Irrigation practices have emerged as a practical alternative to the water challenges being faced globally. Moreover, smart irrigation is also found to beneficial to the water requirements of plants in agriculture and gardening especially.  Many users of smart irrigation practices endorse the savings that are achieved in terms of water usage and labor as well, which is a key motivator for the market’s growth. The growing awareness of product types of the market will spur the progress of the market extensively in the forecast period.


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    Segmental Analysis

    The segmentation of the smart irrigation market is carried out on the basis of component, type, application, and region. By component, the smart irrigation market is segmented into water/flow meter, smart detection system/network elements and sensors. On the basis of type, the market is segmented into soil moisture-based irrigation systems and weather-based (et) irrigation systems. The application basis of segmentation of the smart irrigation market consists of non-agriculture and agriculture. The market covers regions such as the Asia Pacific, the Americas, Europe and Rest of the World.

    Detailed Regional Analysis

    The smart irrigation market includes regions such as the Asia Pacific, Americas, Europe and Rest of the World in its regional analysis. The North America region is anticipated to control in the market in the forecast period due to the growing worry surrounding water conservation and the need to curtail the wastage of resources by the governments in the North American region. The government initiatives towards smart irrigation in North America region is motivating the smart irrigation market in this region. The Asia Pacific countries like Japan, China, India, and Korea are anticipated to show a rapid spike in demand for smart irrigation. The Asia Pacific region is anticipated to progress as the most rapidly rising region in the smart irrigation market.

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    Competitive Analysis

    The leadership inclinations in the market are strengthening the level of development that can be achieved in the existing market scenario.  The changes seen in terms of strategy execution and creation are altering the expansion pace of the market. The plan formulation process in the market has become extensively easier in which deviations are well accounted for; this approach raises the comprehensive success of these plans in the market. The evolution patterns are revised in tandem to the customer likings to realize the highest growth, and in the long run, viability. The framework for growth tactics also has stimulated the market for possible new entrants. The market is also well fortified to meet the challenges and keep up with the active growth trends effectively. The market contenders are making considerable adjustments to minimize the incidence of competitive shortcomings.

    The influential companies in the smart irrigation market are Rain Bird Corporation (U.S.), Libelium (Spain), HydroPoint (U.S.), The Toro Company (U.S.), AquaSpy (U.S.), Aquacell Systems (Australia), Baseline Inc. (U.S.), Hortau (U.S.), Hunter Industries (U.S.), among others.

    Industry Updates:

    Feb 2018 Rain Bird is including another model to the LFX line-up. The new LFX600 offers an advanced maximum flow rate and a wider throw radius to cover an even broader range of irrigation applications. The sprinklers are ideal for low volume applications in under-tree or overhead configurations, including orchard and field irrigation, environmental control, crop cooling, and dust control.

    Sep 2018 Rachio has revealed its first smart sprinkler controller with HomeKit integration. After an easy set up process, users can control their sprinkler through the Home app or using their voice with Siri. iPhones or even HomePods can easily be commanded to turn on your sprinklers, view watering zones and status, enable or disable watering among other features.


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