The ultimate skill of Reaper Tree in New World is terrible

  • There are various skill trees in New World, and the advantages and disadvantages of each skill tree and how to use them are different. Today I will introduce you to the gameplay and functions of Reaper Tree.

    The utilization rate of the Reaper Tree in PvP is relatively high. A good combination of Catch potential and damage is provided to players through its skills. It contains three skills: Charge, Reap and Execute.

    Charge is one of New World Coins Buy the longest sprint skills in the game, it can provide players with a sprint covering ten meters. Reap can pull all enemies five meters away from you (or eight meters after upgrade) to your side. This is a very situational skill. Execute can cause more damage to enemies with lower health. It is a slow and very powerful melee skill.

    The usage rate of Charge and Execute in this tree is very high. Especially in PvP, Charge can maintain a good distance. Although Execute is not outstanding, it can provide powerful explosive power for New World Coins the weapon while improving the locking ability of the weapon. Reap is situational, it can pull the surrounding enemies to your side, but there is no follow-up other damage, in addition, the enemy that is pulled can also attack you. If you use Blood Lust passive, it is easier and safer to perform Reap within a maximum range of 8 meters

    Blood Lust is the ultimate skill of this tree, and it is widely used in PvP. 30% Haste to enemies within 15 meters makes the effect of this weapon extremely terrifying. Once caught by them, your chance of escape is very low, so fighting them is the best choice.

    Although the skills of Reaper Tree are very powerful in New World, without a powerful weapon paired with it, its power can't be used at all. Generally, it is not easy to obtain a powerful weapon, and you must accumulate a large amount of New World Coins to purchase them. So you can follow Newworldcoins, where you can buy a lot of New World Coins in a short time.