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    This is 1880 East London, where Inspector Kildare (Bill Nighy) has been dogged by rumours that he's "not the marrying kind", so he's given the most hopeless case in town: finding a ghostly serial killer who is staging increasingly elaborate murders. With Constable Flood (Daniel Mays) helping him, Kildare narrows the suspects down to philosopher Karl Marx (Henry Goodman), stage star Dan (Douglas Booth), novelist George (Watkins) or playwright John (Sam Reid), whose actress wife Lizzie (Olivia Cooke) is on trial for poisoning him. For some reason, Kildare becomes particularly intrigued by Lizzie's case, hoping he can get some inside information about her stage colleagues from her.

    Student filmmakers in grades 7 12 (including graduates of the Class of 2016) are invited to submit work to Indie Memphis for the organization's first "Youth Film Fest," a daylong event of screenings, workshops and more that is scheduled to be held Saturday, Sept. 24, at the Halloran Centre at the Orpheum, 203 S. Main.

    A Huntingdon man who was given a restraining order after threatening to burn his ex girlfriend house down with her inside has been jailed after texting her to say David Stewart, 35, embarked on a campaign of harassment against his former partner for more than two years after they separated in 2017 despite being given a non molestation order.

    Was this normal? Cooper wasn't interested. He had to let make time for two abductees "I gotta ask, were you on drugs?" and a psychic who channels aliens. She told him his star relatives were Lumarians from the Fourth Dimension. Cooper also let debunker Joe Nickell get away with calling the Chicago O'Hare UFO incident of 2006, in a direct contradiction to National Weather Service expertise, a "punch hole cloud. at a time when the Pentagon was quietly funding a $22 million project to look at UFOs, Cooper told his You Believe in Space Aliens? viewers, "I'm not a big believer in conspiracies, because I don't think our government is very good, frankly, at keeping secrets."

    The seaside resort of has been a hugely popular tourist destination since the Victorian era. Its pier, a Grade II listed structure, is the second longest in Britain. Napolon III famously lived in exile in the town before returning to France, where his re design of the Parisian boulevards was reportedly inspired by Lord Street. is the setting for an annual air show over the beach as well as being home to the largest independent flower show in the UK. news is brought to you by the Visiter team.

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