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  • In a nation riddled with inequalities and swelling with 75 million human hair lace wigs newly impoverished after last year's coronavirus lockdown, putting a price on any part of limited vaccine supplies could lead to unjust, lopsided distribution. Free, universal access, with New Delhi negotiating prices with at least four or five suppliers globally, could prepare India better for a third Covid 19 resurgence. Until herd immunity is achieved, private hospitals must continue acting as agents of the state, and impose only a limited markup on the stock they're given free from the national pool..

    7 / 18 DON'T Put Edible Oils On Your SkinCumin oil, which is safe to use in your food, can cause blisters if you put it on your skin. Citrus oils that are safe in your food may be bad for your skin, especially if you go out into the sun. And the opposite is true, too.

    15 / 19 Shakes and SmoothiesFoods rich in calcium and vitamin D are essential for keeping bones healthy. That's why milkshakes and smoothies are the perfect snacks for many people with COPD. Use milk or yogurt choosing lower fat products if weight control is desired and use fresh fruit for nutrients and fiber.

    Still, I do believe that people in general, and especially on this web site, are too quick to overlook the good work that many reporters at the paper do. On most days, I think there is a story or two in the paper worth commending. So to point out the inevitable sucky stories and add a snarky comment like, oh, I don know, "Typical Progress," is just unfair..

    The acting is fine, the effects are good, the story has interest, but somehow the whole is less than the parts. The direction is so slow that some of the actors must have had their feet glued to the floor. While the miniatures and effects are good, when the camera lingers on them for minutes the cracks start to show.

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