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  • What is Booster Compressor?


    • A device which is used to boost the pressure of an existing compressor by nearly three to five times than the normal pressure produced is known as a booster compressor.
    • A booster compressor is a plunger or piston type of compressor. In industries, the booster compressor is used for short durations to sustain high pressures. Most of the booster compressor are pneumatic.
    • Some of the industrial applications need high pressure and power, where existing compressors are unable to develop the required pressure. In such conditions, a booster compressor is applied to add extra pressure to the operation. 

    Advantages of Booster Compressor


    • A booster compressor can build pressure up to 400 to 600 psi. Some industries are capable of boosting pressure by traditional means, which are unable to sustain the pressure for longer duration or the process is troublesome.
    • The boost in pressure requires work to power up the equipment and the overall process is uneconomical. The booster compressor helps to sustain and produce higher pressure.
    • The pressure can be maintained for limited period of time and cannot be used for regular or continuous operations. The compression of gas or air increases the temperature of the system. Most of the heat is carried away by the compressed gas, while the compressor components get heated with the contact of hot air. Water jackets or external fins are provided to reduce the temperature of booster compressor.  


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    Key Drivers of Booster Compressor


    • To overcome the variation and fluctuation of operating pressure in the consumption pattern by different industrial applications
    • To maintain the consistency of quality and productivity it is necessary to maintain constant pressure for trouble free applications 



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    Characteristics of Booster Compressor


    • The construction of booster compressors is compact and can be installed easily.
    • It emits less noise and vibrations when in operation.
    • Most of these compressor have internal pressurizing mechanism. The internal pressuring mechanism reduces the compression losses and eases the motor load. This helps eliminate leaks during boosting.
    • Depending upon the boosting pressure single stage, double stage, or multi-stage booster compressor is selected.
    • In the single stage booster compressors the air is compressed once, while in double stage compressor it is done twice.
    • In the multistage booster compressor the air is compressed in two or more cylinders to gain high pressure output. 


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    Asia Pacific expected to hold major share in the Global Booster Compressor Market


    • Geographically, the booster compressor market can be split across five regions: North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa.
    • Asia Pacific is projected to lead the global booster compressor market during the forecast period, due to the growth in end-user industries in the region, especially in India and China
    • North America and Europe are likely to hold considerable share of market during the forecast period.
    • Latin America and Middle East & Africa are expected to account for small share of the booster compressor market. 

    Key Players Operating in the Market:

    The booster compressor market is highly concentrated with top as well small companies as the technologies have taken pace

    • Atlas Copco Ltd.
    • BOGE
    • Sauer USA
    • BAUER COMP Holding GmbH,
    • Hitachi, Ltd.,
    • Ingersoll-Rand plc,
    • Gardner Denver, Inc.,
    • Baker Hughes, a GE company LLC,
    • IDEX,
    • Maximator GmbH,
    • Haskel
    • Others