Global Industry Analysis of Specialty Adhesives & Sealants

  • Global Specialty Adhesives and Sealants Market: Overview

    The demand for specialty adhesives and sealants has been progressively growing due to the rapid rise in industrialization. The growing industries of packaging, construction, and automotive have given the global market a significant fillip over the years. Increasing demand for various kinds of facades, flooring, lamination, and coating have raised the demand for specialty adhesives and sealants in the construction industry to a major extent. Increasing investment and research and development of bio-based products are expected to play a major role in shaping the trajectory of the global market in the coming few years. 

    The research report by Transparency Market Research presents a detailed understanding of the global specialty adhesives and sealants market. It highlights the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats impacting various segments of the global market. The document also contains an accurate description of the competitive landscape and the nature of competitive rivalry present amongst the leading players. The research report has been compiled using primary and secondary research methodologies to help the readers get a clear perspective of the overall market dynamics. 

    Global Specialty Adhesives and Sealants Market: Trends and Opportunities

    The global specialty adhesives and sealants market is being driven by the exceptional product differentiation being introduced by manufacturing companies. Increased emphasis on environmental improvement, technology, and flexible formulations have allowed manufacturers to experiment with various raw materials and deliver an excellent range of products. The widening scope of applications is also fuelling the uptake of specialty adhesives and sealants in the recent years. The booming infrastructural development in emerging economies has also given the global market a significant boost. 

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    The stringent regulatory framework pertaining to the conventional adhesives, end users are steadily adopting green adhesives, new VOC-compliant adhesives, and sealants. The user-friendliness of new adhesives and sealants as compared to pressure-sensitive tapes and the ease of assembling and disassembling, which fastens the process of repair and serviceability of components is expected to lend an impetus to the overall market in the coming years. The market is also being influenced by the changing manufacturing processes, especially in the automotive and aircraft industries. As plastics are being replaced by heavy materials, they have upped the consumption of adhesives. In the coming years, the majority of the industries are expected to avoid the usage of conventional materials and replace the same with plastics, which go a long way in reducing vibration damping and weight along with enhancing surface appearance. All of these factors are expected to propel the growth of the global market. 

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    Global Specialty Adhesives and Sealants Market: Regional Outlook

    In terms of geography, the global specialty adhesives and sealants market is segmented into North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, and Rest of the World. The report suggests that Asia Pacific is likely to show robust growth in the overall market. This regional market is expected to account for a major share in the global market. The emerging economies of Asia Pacific are expected to make a significant contribution to the soaring revenue of the specialty adhesive and sealants market as the automotive, packaging, and construction industries pick up pace. Analysts anticipate that North America will also show a positive outlook toward demand for specialty adhesives and sealants as the expenditure on furniture and footwear grows steadily. 

    Key Players Mentioned in this Report are:

    Some of the leading players operating in the global specialty adhesives and sealant industry are Franklin International Inc., Ashland, Inc., BASF, Dow Chemicals, Bayer, Henkel, H. B. Fuller, Beardow Adams (Adhesives) Ltd., Acucote Inc., and Creative Materials Inc., among others. 

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