Another major feature of Amazon's New World is the ongoing conf

  • Another major feature of Amazon's New World is the ongoing conflict between three massive player-run factions for control of Aeternum Island, which is one of the game's most important locations. Some players are acting inappropriately as a result of this, ranging from harassing members of other factions to loudly shouting obscenities in local voice chat. The update that went live today includes a helpful login screen that reminds players to be courteous to one another.

    As I spend my time peacefully gathering cooking ingredients in the forests and fields of Aeternum, members of The Syndicate, The Marauders, and The Covenant, the three factions that control the island, are engaged in a never-ending battle for control of the island's various zones. Controlling a zone grants a faction guild control over the settlements in the game world. As soon as they gain control, they can upgrade their defenses and crafting stations, buy New World coins granting their side access to resources and equipment that could give them an advantage over their opponents. At the moment, this massive player-versus-player conflict is pretty much all that New World has to offer in terms of an endgame.

    Whenever you divide an online population into three factions and send them out to compete for control of an island nation, hostility spreads like a weed throughout the server. Names are being called and threats are being made. In the past, I've witnessed players following other players around town and harassing them in the local area chat room. Before I disabled local voice chat, which is a terrible feature in a game where hostile factions share the same spaces, I heard what sounded like a teen disparaging members of The Syndicate with homophobic slurs. I immediately disabled local voice chat.


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    It is a significant issue. Because there are no such chat restrictions in New World, players are free to verbally assault one another at any time of day. However, Cheap New World Coins For Sale this is not the case. New World players were reminded this morning by a message that appeared when they first booted up the game, reminding them that there is a thing called the "Code of Conduct," which they agreed to follow before they began playing.

    "Protect the Community" reminds players that Amazon Games will not tolerate bullying, aggression, or hate speech, all of which I have witnessed numerous instances of in my first week of playing. The presence of exploiting glitches is undeniable, but so far my server does not appear to be home to gold sellers. Finally, "Respect Each Other" means that you should not grief other players, pretend to be someone else, or falsely report other players for abuse. Even though I haven't seen any of those, it must have happened somewhere if Amazon feels the need to bring it to our attention.

    Maybe it will happen. The possibility exists that players who are getting a little too involved with the game's conflict will notice the screen, realize what they have been doing, and change their behavior. Perhaps all they needed was a "Before You Play" screen to serve as a gentle reminder of how they should treat other human beings.

    Even so, I will never, ever turn on local voice chat again in my life.