Tournaments in World Of Warcraft

  • Recently, Blizzard announced the 2021 "First One-Time Tournament" World of Warcraft "Big Push" tournament. This event will attract the attention of those who don't usually participate, which is different from the regular league of Mythical Dungeon International. The unique rule set strictly follows the "World of Warcraft" e-sports.

    The difference is to push the championship. According to Blizzard, the standard of the game is not time. In the competition, the team hopes to win. The team with the highest total score in the "dungeon" is the winning team.

    Players who want to enter the dungeon need to have the "World of Warcraft: Studio" expansion. Any group of five people can register before May 17, with a maximum of 2,048 groups. In the "Testing Ground" qualifying held from May 22nd to 23rd, participating teams can participate. Two combinations of dungeon keystone distortion can be obtained by the team, which can weaken the field. In this WOW Classic Gold way, the highest difficulty they can achieve can be pushed to the highest.

    In the main event from May 28th to 30th, only six teams were allowed to enter. Players can compete for a prize pool of 20,000 there. Through Twitch or YouTube, viewers can watch live matches and actual matches and switch the team's perspective at will. In the Cheap WOW Classic Gold double elimination setting, Blizzard used three best rules.

    We don't know if the content of Shadowlands's curse chain update will be included in the game. A new copy, the ruling sanctuary, and a new large dungeon, Tazaves will be provided in the update. Later this year, this patch will be available in the second season of Shadowlands. The team may not have enough free time to prepare the "Big Twitter" proving ground. In World Of Warcraft, if players need WOW Classic Gold, they can buy it on MMOWTS.