Patch notes in World of Warcraft Classic

  • World of Warcraft Classic, like most games, is very helpful for improving the performance of online MMOs. In World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, World of Warcraft Classic can still continue to receive support in the "Domination Chain" update.

    Blizzard recently released the patch notes for the upcoming version of World of Warcraft Classic 1.33.7. As with the planned weekly maintenance, the patch notes are carried out with them. The different changes are also listed in the patch notes. Multiple bug fixes for various items and game fans optimize the overall performance of the game.

    Update 1.13.7 changes the Chronoboon displacer in World of Warcraft Classic according to the patch notes. Players who want to obtain the Chronoboon displacer need to complete Chromie's mission in Andorra. The cries of the dragon slayer, the blessing of the chief and the spirit of Zandalar can all be stored in the world for later use.

    In order to make the beneficial gains in World of Warcraft Classic equal to the debuffs, this patch will be applied adjustments. For those players who reduce low impact gains such as "update" or "renaissance", they have the opportunity to "launch" players whose important gains are close to the limit.

    In order to make most players' abilities more sensitive, the spell batch processing window has been reduced to 10 milliseconds. In order to enable certain in-game operations to be resolved faster, and for damage and healing to be applied to targets faster, players can purchase a large number of items from vendors.

    In the World of Warcraft patch, they will adjust various items. They will also improve the Cheap WOW Classic Gold combat behavior of guardians summoned from items such as C'thun's Tentacle of Conquest or Timbermaw's Defender.

    The new patch fixes several bugs in World of Warcraft Classic, including the WOW Classic Gold red glow effect of the hidden tracker helmet. They also fixed the animation problems of the Brimstone Rod and Rhok’delar. Players need WOW Classic Gold in World of Warcraft Classic, and they can buy it on MMOWTS.