Animal Crossing: Resident Evil Village in New Horizons

  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons players will join the world of "Resident Evil Village" in the exclusive shop on Nintendo Switch recently. The two games that are on a completely different side of the game field have a village in common. Fans of New Horizons also responded to the polls about their beloved villagers. The players of RE Village don't know much about the locals in many games.

    So far, the mashup of Resident Evil Village is not the strangest. A modifier managed to drop a few dinosaurs Barney in the dungeon part of the castle demo in the days before the release. Another defense minister also began patrols shortly thereafter. Their act of changing Madame Dimitrescu's face to Thomas of the tank engine is creepy. One of the most fascinating games to date is the latest "Resident Evil Village" crossover game.

    Recently, Reddit user masabow1018 shared some screenshots of their RE Village x Animal Crossing: New Horizons mashup. The map of the unnamed village itself is shown in an image. A second screen shot is placed on the front and center of an annoying Heisenberg. Another Redditor creation was occupied by House Beneviento and Donna. A very angry Lady Dimitrescu is what is depicted in the last photo. In a way, all this is strange.

    What never stops is the tools available in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. In fact, every character shown is very similar to Buy Animal Crossing Bells the character in their "Resident Evil Village". They also emphasized the depth of the creation tools in New Horizons and the creativity of masabow1018.

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