Animal Crossing: Everything added in New Horizons

  • Last year, the release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons was a huge success. This result exceeded all expectations. For players all over the world, they like to build their tropical islands in the game in order to escape reality and pass time during isolation.

    Nintendo promised players that he will support New Horizons for two years. ACNH has introduced swimming and diving since the summer of 2020. There are already a lot of Animal Crossing: New Horizons updates. From the player's point of view, these activities are mostly interesting for the first time. But now it seems very disappointed.

    Many features of previous games in the series have been eliminated. The game will benefit from adding some older features. Brewster and his cafe are one such feature that fans are getting more and more impatient. Brewster’s Cafe The Roost is where K.K Slider performs in other Animal Crossing games. There, players can enjoy a cup of coffee. As in the past, Nintendo should add Roost back to Buy Animal Crossing Bells the museum. Alternatively, he could also build a completely independent cafe building. Content like Tortimer's Island from New Leaf is also included in the update.

    Nintendo added characters such as Kicks or Label to the Animal Crossing Items new store. The museum can be expanded with new fish, bugs, artworks and fossils. We will see some new expansions in The Nook's Cranny. They can add gameplay updates including farming to the game. It can also provide players with hide-and-seek and other mini-games.

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