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  • Variation 2 (Personally I like this much more.) Exactly the same as the above, except you don't see RS gold the supplies, this can be because maybe certain crafters would just choose certain runners (friends etc.) Runner; Place on your essence. A message appears at a single window. "Waiting for offer to be finished" (or something like this.) After a time, you should recieve your runes & noted ess.

    Crafter; You deposit 27 runes & 27 noted ess (possibly into a box of some sort?) If the world is populated, you may nearly instantly recieve the un-noted ess. What basically is happening here, is when a runner sets in their ess, they're added to some que (this would be insvisible from the windows interface though, the que would only be in the coding.)

    When a crafter puts in runes & notes, then they are finishing an offer. When the next crafter places in runes & notes, they're taking the next persons ess in the que. It works somewhat like the GE. I am assuming there's a que system from the GE, instance, two items are placed in at the same cost, but one is put in before another. Another Buy old school rs gold player wants to buy the product, the GE provides the money to the individual who first put in the item. Pretty simple concept, I can not see any flaws with it. I want to enlarge it however, this is just an outline to get a proposal to be possibly consumed by Jagex.