the release of the New World comes at an inconvenient time

  • In nearly every industry into which it has ventured, from books and grocery shopping to cloud computing and movie streaming, Amazon has been a smashing success. As a result, many have been perplexed as to why the tech giant has been unable to achieve success in the lucrative video game industry.


    Amazon tried again on Tuesday to produce its own video games, and this time it was successful."New World" is an online multiplayer game in which players join factions, fight monsters, fight one another, and colonize a fictional island in the Atlantic Ocean. The game was delayed for more than a year before it was finally released.

    Despite generally positive reviews from players who have tested early versions of the $40 computer game over the past few months, the release of the game comes at an inconvenient time for the tech giant's underwhelming gaming efforts.

    Despite spending hundreds of millions of dollars, according to some estimates, on the other two big-budget games Amazon announced it was developing in 2016 alongside "new world coins," neither of those games exists today. Some of its most promising gaming hires have left the company over the years without releasing any noteworthy titles. Another game was removed from storefronts by the company last year after receiving a negative reception.

    Amazon Games Vice President Christoph Hartmann stated that "buy new world coins" "has to be our breakthrough game — there's no doubt about it.""It's important to see some success at some point just to keep people's spirits up."

    Until now, Amazon's most significant achievement in the gaming industry has been the acquisition of Twitch, the livestreaming video site, which the company purchased in 2014 for approximately $1 billion dollars. Amazon is also moving forward with a new gaming subscription service called Luna, as well as a new development studio in Montreal, which was recently announced by the company.

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    Amazon, which opened its gaming studio in 2012, has had a difficult time finding success with its own games, however. Mike Frazzini, a long-time company executive, took over as CEO and stated that he hoped to create hits like "Minecraft" with the company. Instead, despite the fact that it has developed a small number of mobile games, Amazon has canceled or terminated at least four major games over the course of several years.

    In 2018, Amazon announced the cancellation of the development of a sports game titled "Breakaway," stating that the company "didn't achieve the breakthrough that would have transformed the game into what we all hoped it could be."A year later, the company took the unusual step of canceling a game that had already been released, "Crucible," following criticism that the multiplayer game was a "hollow and forgettable experience."In April, it announced the cancellation of a planned "Lord of the Rings" video game due to a contract dispute with Chinese tech giant Tencent, with which it was collaborating to develop the title.











    In the gaming industry, where users are quick to criticize and slow to embrace new entrants, the typical mindset of Big Tech companies — taking an analytical approach that involves throwing money at something, scaling up and hoping for results — does not work. This is one of the most frequently cited reasons for Amazon's struggles.

    This spreadsheet logic, according to Joost van Dreunen, a New York University professor who specializes in the business of video games, is "first and foremost" what governs Amazon's operations."I'm not sure if a haphazard, creative process for creating games is compatible with the corporate culture at Amazon," says the author.

    The gaming industry, with the exception of Amazon, which does not disclose its gaming sales in its financial disclosures, has thrived, particularly during the pandemic, according to industry analysts. It is predicted that people will spend $175.8 billion on video games this year according to Newzoo, a gaming analytics company.

    Amazon, of course, has found success in the production of television shows and movies after a sluggish beginning. The gaming industry has speculated that Amazon is only now beginning to figure out the gaming business — which adds a layer of technological skill — in the same way that it took several years for the company to figure out a winning strategy in the streaming world.

    According to Rupantar Guha, a gaming analyst at the analytics company GlobalData, "it's all about the experience.""Although they have been slow to get there, I believe they are beginning to make progress."

    In a recent interview, Hartmann, who reports to Frazzini, acknowledged that Amazon had previously failed. It was "too ambitious" in scope, he claimed, because it was intended to compete with "Fortnite," which is one of the most popular video games of all time. The defeats, he believes, serve as learning opportunities in the long run.

    The early versions of "buy new  world gold" were described as being colorful and action-packed by gamers who had tried them out. However, Amazon did not disclose sales figures, but did say that the game received more than 1 million players during a two-week test period during the summer. The game "New World" was also the best-selling title on the Steam online game store at the time it was released.

    According to Dan James, a Twitch streamer and longtime gamer based in Southampton, England, the game's initial test last year was rocky and underwhelming, but developers have since expanded gameplay options, introduced voice-overs, improved fighting mechanics, and made a slew of other improvements that have people buzzing with excitement.

    "'new world gold ' looks bloody awesome," said James, 32, who has played various iterations of the game in the lead-up to its official launch. "'new world coins for sale' looks bloody awesome," he added. Although he acknowledged that there was still some skepticism among gamers "because Amazon doesn't have a big game out there yet," he said Amazon had demonstrated that it was capable of creating, at the very least, "an awesome baseline" of quality.

    It is possible that if "{anchor}" is a success, it will give Amazon a boost in popularity and increase the perception that it is a serious competitor in this industry. The question is whether Amazon will want to continue investing in the project if the early returns on "New World" are underwhelming, according to van Dreunen. As for "{anchor}," he pointed out that one game does not necessarily make up for years of failures and financial investment.