It’s as if Wayne Gretzky and Trackmania had a baby

  • Welcome back to Second Look, our semi-regular feature where we check in with ongoing games a few years down the road to see how they’re faring today. Today’s feature on Rocket League is by guest columnist Baljot Bhatti, a visual effects editor living in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and an ardent fan of competitive Rocket League.Underdog stories have a hold on us. In sports, politics, Hollywood, and most other arenas of life, we can’t help but root for the scrappy contender who, through sheer determination and a bit of luck, manages to beat the odds and find success. Indie developer Psyonix took their underdog status, and a basic conceit of car soccer, and leveraged it into one of ’s biggest surprise hits with the competitive sports game Rocket League.

    Rocket League is an interesting crossover hit because it found fans in people who generally wouldn’t touch sports games with some sort of sports stick (that’s what non-sports people call them). The game is a blend of the tactics of soccer, the high-speed play and turnaround of hockey, and the crazy acrobatics and driving of an arcade racer. It’s as if Wayne Gretzky and Trackmania had a baby.

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