Psyonix also hinted at new features that will be coming to Rock

  • Psyonix also hinted at new features that will be coming to Rocket League. There will be an in-game tournament system that is going to be tested via beta towards the end of the year. As well, Psyonix has already stated that there will be more in-game events like the past Halloween event.“There’s a plan for a new Events System, which will introduce events available for a limited time. These events will reward a player with the chance to obtain more car customizations and a ‘Decryptor.’ The latter lets players open any unopened Rocket League Crates in their inventory without a key. There are no exact dates for the release, but expect them to come out after the autumn season. More details are to come, so stay tuned.”2018 is looking to be a great year for Rocket League players, casual or competitive. Rocket League is also coming to the Switch on November 14.

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