Animal Crossing ushered in IKEA's great help

  • Swedish furniture manufacturer IKEA has established a version of the 2021 furniture catalog, which is presented in Animal Crossing: New Horizons and includes characters in the game. The furniture brand can be said to be a cultural icon because it has a large number of stores. This is not the very first time a furniture merchant has connected himself to the video game industry.

    IKEA goes far beyond Animal Crossing: New Horizons trend brand. The cheerful and peaceful demeanor allows players to feel the whole night under pressure every day. One of the reasons why the ACBellsBuy store is popular is that it can provide players with low-cost Buy Animal Crossing Items selection services. This is not the very first time a furniture merchant has connected himself to the video game industry.

    The combination of IKEA and the game is such a positive change that both parties are working hard for the success of the game. For example, Yummy House, a Hong Kong-based food brand, made this announcement a few months ago because the company hired an animal crossing expert to design the brand island for players to adopt a bold new internet marketing strategy. Many celebrities have interacted with fans through a mutual appreciation of the action.

    Now, IKEA also wants to join. IKEA recently published the 2021 furniture catalog on Facebook discovered by GoNintendo. At the same time, interestingly, it also released the Animal Crossing version. The cooperation between the two parties promoted the passion of the players Buy Animal Crossing Bells. Each image in the catalog is presented in the style of New Horizons, and the iconic animal villagers and cute player characters of this sport are browsing the human models of the catalog.

    A game like Animal Crossing contains huge furniture and design elements, which creates a lot of feeling. Animal Crossing: New Horizons provides an excellent platform for various creative productions. No matter what message is conveyed, IKEA's product catalog is a cute item, very suitable for the bad tone of the entire game.