Important villagers in Animal Crossing New Horizons game

  • Many players like to talk to NPCs and add them to their collections. There are many rare villagers in Animal Crossing, and most players arrange these villagers according to their personalities and appearances. However, the rarest villager recently abdicated from his throne, and another villager is equipped with the title.

    Raymond is equipped with the rarest villager title in months. The reason why Raymond is popular is that he is indeed the only person with heterochromia. The ACBellsBuy store is famous for selling items, and most players will choose Buy Animal Crossing Items. His eyes are green and brown, and his unique personality makes him completely different from other villagers.

    Since 2020, Raymond has been in the most prominent position in most players' lists with his unique and attractive eyes. However, another Sanrio villager also became the rarest villager in the game. The reason for player analysis is that only Sanrio cards can be used to obtain Sanrio villagers, not all players.

    Sanrio villagers also have unique personalities and have now obtained personal driving licenses. If you are an adventurous villager who wants excitement, then he is the collector you can visit. Player Buy Animal Crossing Bells is just one way. Unfortunately, you can't trade this villager between your fellows. However, you can trade items and add them to your house.

    It is best not to find Sanrio cards provided online, as this may defraud you of your money and make them hard to come by. Many players hope that Nintendo can replenish them again to ensure that some disappointed fans can get them or to ensure that villagers can trade between their friends. Either way, Marty has become the rarest villager in New Horizons. If you have his collection, please show off him.