How to get more money to receive goods in Animal Crossing.

  • Selling and growing fruit trees is another great way to get the bell in the gaming era. When crossing a friend’s island, definitely consider non-local fruits. A better idea should be to plant some exotic fruits that may have been collected so that you can grow them all on your island. Each island has its local fruit for purchase, and each fruit is also sold at a good price.

    Planting cash cows can be another way to try and get a good harvest. When researching the island, the player will see luminous points that can be dugout. The ACBellsBuy store will sell complete items. Players can go to Buy Animal Crossing Bells. Planting these bells will turn them into cash cows within a few weeks. Planting fruit requires a certain cycle, which is formulated by the developer early.

    Catching a variety of fish is also an effective way to quickly generate income. These fish may be caught during the day, and the trick should be to know that these fish are the most valuable. Plan some fish only in specific seasons, periods, and waters. If you find it troublesome to find fish, please keep in mind the time of fish infestation. It is a good practice to remember the size of the shadows of various fishes because doing so allows you to target predictable numbers at a glance.

    In addition to rare fish, you will also find precious bugs and sell them at a good price. To be precise, tarantulas and scorpions are valuable. The currency obtained by selling can help players to go to Buy Animal Crossing Bells. If you are patient, there is a tested solution that can capture them without problems. In addition, you can combine newer deep-sea creatures with future games and trade with any number of bells.

    Buying and selling carrots on Stalk Market is another excellent and effective way to make a fortune in New Horizons. The price of carrots varies between player islands in each region. Therefore, a good idea is usually to communicate with your friends to see if they are selling more radishes. If so, you will be able to wander around their island to unload the carrot pile to get most of the main cash.