The frog chair that once appeared in Animal Crossing.

  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons made this series unprecedentedly popular on Nintendo Switch. Old fans who followed for a long time soon discovered that something was missing. Players can choose their favorite items and use them to decorate the island. But the lack of the beloved frog chair for Animal Crossing makes some people in the community wonder if Nintendo has the opportunity to add it directly into its new horizons.

    In the past, there is a kind of small piece of furniture called Froggy Set. Furniture has a water lily table and frog chair. It is just a valid green chair with a picture of a smiling cartoon frog on it. Nevertheless, it eventually became one of the popular memes in the animal crossing community. The ACBellsBuy website has also become more famous because of the Froggy Chair. In addition, players will also choose Buy ACNH Bells. This is an unexpected situation, and the frog chair has attracted the attention of a large number of fans.

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a huge success. But no holiday theme update at any level can fill the gap in the shape of its frog chair. This is a pity for fans. Fans always keep this in mind, which has led to many comedy posts lamenting the unexpected absence of the Frog Chair. Since its launch in March 2020, the new version of New Horizons has been constantly updated, but Nintendo has not yet introduced this fan-loved product to the public. It's unclear why, but maybe Nintendo will eventually let the Froggy Chair return triumphantly.

    On the anniversary of Super Mario, New Horizons Games will support it. There are many items about Mario in the game. Nintendo has proven that what you cut will pay off, so the Frog Chair has a chance. Animal Crossing: New Horizons releases a new version every year. This means that the themes of the new version are limited. Most players will be waiting for their colleagues to choose Buy Animal Crossing Items. Because of this, simple animal crossing version updates, adding new home decorations or activities may further become the norm to any degree.

    Most New Horizons updates are dedicated to adding furniture and activities for specific holidays. But this does not mean that Nintendo cannot launch an update to contribute to the Froggy Chair. New Horizons also lacked many Nintendo-themed items in the series when it was released. Even if Nintendo has no idea of adding a frog chair. But there are other custom small pieces of furniture in each new version that will bring joy to players. But if Froggy Chair can return to their town. Players will be happier with this decision.