Do you like Steam Level Up?

  • With Steam's hot, as the world's largest PC game platform, Steam game billion users, more than 10,000 games. And this is still increasing. The Steam account is easy to register, last year Steam To prevent spam, introduces the restriction mechanism of new accounts. A one-time Steam account has more value.

    Many players also put some energy after the game into Steam Level Up. Players hope that their level is higher, there is a better personal data interface design, to show yourself. Of course, this requires players to get XP. Just like a game, players play games, accumulate heat, the game system will send you some basic materials, then players can be used for which equipment synthesis can be used by the material. Then go to the other materials.

    The material is the Steam trading card, and the equipment is the corresponding game badge. Because the material cannot be completely free, the player needs to find someone to help. Community, groups will become a good place. Then introduced the Steam market and becomes the places you need to exchange each other. The biggest difference is that if the account of the two players is a friend relationship, the fair will be very convenient.

    Secondly, materials are slowly difficult to obtain, require some special mechanisms to increase access to probability and value. Steam has the mechanism of Steam Level Boost packages. There are three trading cards in a parcel, as well as a rare aluminum foil card. The probability of the package is determined by Steam Level. A closed-loop is formed.

    After the Steam account has value, Steam has played its value to the Steam community, STEAM game sales. Players complete Steam Community Activities, some community tasks, such as perfect personal information, familiar with the Steam function, translating in the community, publishing game guides, and sharing and testing games.

    Promotions are some big reduction activities, which will provide corresponding activity rewards. The integration store has also been launched, letting players spend more money, get more account-related items or XP. One of the most thermally is the first player to reach 5,000. At the time, it was the highest level, and Steam also launched a higher level, 5100.

    The players of Buy Steam Level Up are actually increasing. Because players don't want to take time to collect cards slowly. Synthetic badges can get things that can basically be bought. After all, the role of the level is also increasing, and the number of STEAMs is increasing, and the community is gradually being active.