What is Steam Profile?

  • Steam Profile is just like our forums and social media accounts, we have an interface to introduce ourselves. Unlike forums and social media accounts, steam accounts do not pay as much attention to the real information of users. It feels a bit like a personal blog homepage. Because entering the profile editing interface, we need to set very little personal information, and even the profile interface URL can be customized.

    What the player needs to set are the name and approximate geographic location. Then there is the avatar, the avatar frame. Background image design, secret archives, themes, badges, favorite groups, and display cabinet settings. It's just telling players to design their own profile interface. We don't care about your private information at all. There is also information authentication to protect account security.

    Players want to design the steam profile interface, and generally obtain what they need in two ways.

    The first is by synthesizing game craft badges, players can randomly obtain game-related background pictures and avatars. The most important thing is to get XP and let Steam Level Up. Every tenth-level player can get a showcase. Players can display the game collection, favorite group, guide, artwork, items, etc. on the profile interface. Of course, after the steam level becomes higher, the number can also represent that you are an old steam player, and it is helpful for you to synthesize badges and even get rare steam trading cards.

    The second is to go to the steam point store to buy, you can buy any items you need that can be used to decorate your profile interface. Including special seasonal badges, display cabinets, avatar frames, and themes. These are things that cannot be obtained firstly. And you won't buy things you don't like, you can also choose the right one to match. But it is expensive. For example, for a seasonal theme, players need to have 5000 points, which is equivalent to spending $50, but they can only be used for one month.

    The Steam Profile is equivalent to the clothes we wear on Steam. Players use Buy Steam Level Up to make their clothes look better and more attractive. In the exchange of steam players, you can always show off. If you don't just want to play games through Steam, but also want to communicate with other players, designing a good Steam Profile will definitely make you shinier.