Common Steam Level Up methods

  • Steam Level Up is the daily behavior of many steam users. They may be game obsessive enthusiasts, they may be social experts, or they may be loyal fans of steam. But there is a common requirement, that is, a higher steam level. So what are the common Steam Level Up methods?

    The first is the way it has been deleted, but it still has to be remembered. Compared with many veteran players, the Power Player badge knows that the more games a player has at that time, and the number of games played in each game is within a certain range, the more XP will be obtained. The more time and number of games players play, the greater the benefits they can get.

    The second way came into being. Use the Steam trading cards dropped in the game to synthesize badges, and it just happened. It has continued to this day. It is also the most commonly used upgrade method for players. One badge can get 100XP. In the first ten levels, a badge can be synthesized once to increase one level. And this badge can be upgraded 5 times.

    The badge system has always existed, and there are no less than a hundred kinds of badges. In addition to the badge itself, players can provide XP. Only the number is different. In addition to the badges synthesized with Steam trading cards, there are two major types of badges.

    One is community service badges. New Steam users can find basic community tasks in the profile interface, and get badges and XP after completing them. These basic tasks are an introduction to help players understand the meaning of community tasks. Some translations, registrations, tests, old players, and tasks that contribute to the Steam community can all be completed and get corresponding badge rewards and XP.

    The other is event badges, such as promotional activities, seasonal theme activities badges. This is to reward those players who buy the game. While purchasing a game to get 1 XP, players can also get event reward badges. The more you spend, the higher the level of the badge the player gets, and the more XP the badge contains. This is also a common method for players with money abilities.

    The fastest and most cost-saving method in the early stage is Buy Steam Level Up. The third-party website platform collects a large number of Steam trading cards, and helps players to achieve the rapid synthesis of badges and quickly obtain XP. I don't know which method you use most often or in combination.