You have seen too many Monster noobs

  • You would have to kill every Zamorakian or Saradominist you see with RuneScape gold the military helping you out.Then after that,you would have to meet the opposing God then Saradomin and Zamorak would bring up and their swords and charge at every other.Just as they were about to battle,a bright flash appears and then you'd be standing beside Sedridor again.After you had discussed what you saw,some items associated with this God you served would look from nowhere.You get to keep the items as a reward.

    I believe it could be cool of there was a mini game where you are able to combat the runscape gods in a battle that may cause you to be rich, or ruin you. Basically you'd be in a stadium and you choose a god to resist and if you win you get some type of great reward. But if you lose, you lose all of you items which you brought with you and your xp in 3 arbitrary abilities will be reduced to maybe about 50k below the xp you started wit, based upon your level.

    Here is a list of a few of the possible rewards. God spells (a brand new spell book that's extremely powerful spells inside. NOTE you won't win every single spell on your initial kill, you will need to kill the boss multiple times if you want to achieve the whole spell book.

    Unbelievable powerful armor that boosts your stats very high AND each pair of armor will teleport you to the god stadium with no runes (this teleport capacity will never run out or need recharging) You might as well obtain some very interesting emotes and level 4 clue scrolls. Well is about all I can imagine, in case you have some thoughts, please post them.

    You have seen too many Monster noobs just healing and hitting, What's the advantage of that? Would you desire a very hard monster with several tactics and stuff? Safe battle? (Not losing your material once you lose): No, However the battle setup will be short unlike Tk tok jad's Fight pit. Anything to do until you struggle Nemesis? : Yes, you must get around 5-10 Folks (Max: 10) before battling Nemesis and there'll be a portal site, giving you a warning which you cannot go back as you get within the portal.

    You and your team will be inside the darkened world seeing a number of human bones on floor along with a gate with several skulls on it. Obviously, your team will help you, but If you and your team do not make it in time, Nemesis will instantly develop and banish with a davasting dark ball or Simply grip your entire teammates and be sent to Lumbridge (with your own 3 Items, everything else will be lost)

    If you and your staff kills all lvl 50 Nemesis' soldiers, A Dark stair will appear before your group. You'll be walking a very long walk (or run) to the fantastic door. Once you arrive, you are going to be given a warning again that buy RS gold in case you lose, you lose your stuff. Click on"yes" and face the final battle of Rs.