I had been thinking, f2p have coinshare

  • Lvl 50- Reversal of fortune: Once employed, whoever attacks you heals you by the OSRS gold amount they hit and the competition gets hit by what they strike. All allies on your minimap are hit 15. Lvl 55-Sacrifice: Will 1 hit any ennemy 3 squares around you and will heal completely any ennemy out of the 3 square zone. You are instantly killed. Lvl 60- Forsaken: Will reverse the effects of any prayer of whoever you are attacking. Your combat stats are decreased by half.

    Lvl 90-Fury of Guthix: Will kill everyone (allies, ennemies) except you and their corpse becomes Death shadows. The Death Shadows immediately kill you and will ruin every thing you have in your inventory (No exceptions) Last but not least, the Zaros prayerbook. To use this, you have to have 666 passing runes on your inventory, ancient magicks, all of the god staves, the Iba staff, and also have 99 in everything.

    Before you go"OMG this topic is agaisnt the rules! F2P don't ever never ever get upgrades!" Hear me out. F2P have recieved plenty of upgrades, I personally am an on off penis, so its not that I want to get mre stuff, I will afford £3.

    I had been thinking, f2p have coinshare and lootshare, but theres no point, it will never actualy be used as theres no fall over 50k from any monster. So whats the purpose? What better way than to give f2p a boss monster to really get them drooling at the lips? The issue with the boss is that adding a new strong item to mellee will unbalance f2p even mroe, including it to range or mage will jsut annyo the majority of mellers, I had to be sneaky...

    Blurite Dragons live in the blurite caverns, to acquire accsess you need an"Ice key". To get it you want: Red berry Pie. Conclusion of knights sword. Dragon Slayer is highly reccomended. Simply speak with the dwarf in knights sword, give him the pie for the"odd icicle" aka the ice key. Once you have the key go down to the blurite cave, near the eastern end is a doorway outline. Use the key on the outline and enter.

    WARNING! The ice key hits 1 damage for every 20 seconds holding it. The Keys result is nulified in the cave, your getting struck ones anyway. (see later) The cavern will have a vaierty of ice Giants (lv 52, 83, 106) and ice hockey warriors (lv 57, 90 and 110). All competitive in a multi battle area. You enter a major area with a frozen lake at the buy RS gold middle. Around the border is two deep square piece of land. 9fakes coming shortly )