For the fight with no weapons or armour...

  • Choose "Skillcape of Smithing" to have your character say "That's RS gold a strange cape that you're wearing. Thurgo smiles and says, "It's skillcape of Smithing." It shows that I am an expert blacksmith. But it's not surprising. I'm an Imcando dwarf. Everyone knows we're the top blacksmiths.

    Now, right-click and Talk-to Thurgo again. Next, choose "Something different" and your character will say "Hello." Are you an Imcando Dwarf?" Thurgo says, "Maybe. Who would care? (Thurgo's eyebrows indicate that he's not happy when he responds.) Thurgo just seconds ago revealed that the he's an Imcando dwarf. When we ask Thurgo "Hello," he replies, "Hello." Wouldn't Thurgo have told us a few seconds ago that he's an Imcando dwarf, and we have him say "Hello."

    I did the quest mainly becuase i wanted to use rockshell armour and also go to difrent isles. Thus, I started my quest with the drinking contest. It was a terrible joke to go all the way from Seers Village to get the potion needed to cheat in this competition. lol, i ended up drinking beer from the bank and having house parties emo.

    Then, I had the liar portion which took me forever just to find the enchanting alter. I was honest and admit that I found it hilarious. It was then time to complete the merchants trial. It was made easy by the sals quest guide. However, i was frustrated trying to locate the next person. I found it interesting that you give everyone what they want at the final.

    The talasmin quest was tedious in the hunter section. You can also find the sals quest maze guides. It was very simple and enjoyable. Although the steps from the guides to sals quests were tedious Peer in the Seer was quite entertaining. I was happy to finally escape his home.

    For the fight with no weapons or armour... It was an eppic battle, however it took a long time to obtain the three forms the deathless man. The quest exsclusive items were finally worth it and so was the pet rock. Tell me your story.

    It's likely that people have noticed this already however, the candy cane from the Christmas celebration has decent offensive and defensive stats. Obviously it can't haven enormous statistics given its requirements however, it is currently up there in a few aspects for free games.

    Although it's not the most powerful, the strength bonus is superior to the iron scimitar and makes it an effective 1 attack weapon for players who don't own the scimitar made of iron. It is the second most popular weapon for the holiday season, just after the scimitar. What is the significance of this? Are they planning to create useful gifts for the holidays? They've already suggested that they should do this, stating that "To some extent, developers (and players) should accept that the Christmas items aren't buy RuneScape gold going to be the most popular within the game, however this doesn't mean they are insignificant." (Dev Blog Holiday Event: The Christmas Warble). Are you a fan of this idea, or do you just need a stylish item that you can wear when playing?