We expect that they will upgrade the TBC servers

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    You can delete the account you created during summer. You're not quite ready to let go, but you still hang on. It's a shame that you got addicted at such a young age and during your early years. This makes it even more difficult. It makes it more difficult, but it is also satisfying to finally conquer this addiction. Because it means something. You will have to quit WoW in the end It's just a matter of how much of your life and your potential to sacrifice to Blizzard and a 17 year old game before you actually move on (or you are required to).

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    There was the option to either keep your character's vanilla realms , which is Naxx or to move your character through Dark Portal to the TBC expansion.

    TBC is the default setting for the majority of players because there's nothing new in the vanilla.

    Certain characters remain vanilla. Additionally, they are rolling out Season of Mastery which is basically vanilla on a 12 month repeat cycle. This is likely to replace the classic era servers.

    We expect that they will upgrade the TBC servers to Wrath classic in the same way they did in the previous expansion. There may also be the option of keeping your characters on dead TBC servers.

    I'm thinking of returning to WoW because I was a huge fan until the Cataclysm event. I absolutely loved the game until WotLK and am considering changing my mind about retail and opting for Classic or Classic TBC. I am unsure about how Classic TBC works. If I create a Classic TBC character, does this mean that I won't be able to use it in Classic TBC content. If I create a Classic TBC character and they released Classic WotLK will I not be able to use the character for Classic WotLK content? I'm unable to cheap WOW Classic TBC Gold comprehend the development through the various classic games , and would appreciate it if someone could help to clarify the confusion for me.