Splatoon 3 is not coming out in 2021

  • Where would be the Nintendo games? They needed to Animal Crossing Bells mention a game that's already published (Super Mario 3D World) just to add padding to this Direct. Skyward Sword is cool and all, but that's just one match up to now this calendar year, and it'll be a 60 port.

    I just don't think about Mario Golf when I think of Nintendo. So far as first-party franchises go, I think that one's fairly weak. I haven't looked at earnings numbers, but I can not envision it retains a game against Zelda, mainline Mario, Mario Kart, or Animal Crossing.

    Splatoon 3 is not coming out in 2021. I would have rather seen something else that I can get excited about at this time.

    Besides that, I buy Nintendo consoles to your Nintendo games. Aside from Cheap Animal Crossing Items Skyward Sword, I did not observe any heavy-hitters out of Nintendo.